How to become more decisive immediately in your very next decision

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Decisiveness means making decisions even when it’s so difficult and fearful you have no clue what the outcome will be. It involves taking risk of making mistakes because you know that clarity comes only when you actually decide and do it. Decisive people take responsibility for the outcome of their decision. They don’t regret nor complain but pick up the lessons and move on.

There are loads of techniques people use to become decisive, which oftentimes leads to the paradox of choice. The following are all you will need to help you become more decisive immediately in the very next decision you have to make.

  • Decide to be more decisive

Decisiveness begins with your conscious decision to be more decisive. This decision then nurtures in you self-confidence, positive attitude and anything you need to make decision fast and firm. As Ralf Waldo Emerson puts it, “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”

  • Decision is always better than indecision

Indecision only leads to you feeling overwhelmed as you have too many decisions to handle. When this happens you find it very difficult to prioritise and focus on the task at hand. The results could be even more costly than making a wrong decision.

“The percentage of mistakes in quick decisions is no greater than in long-drawn-out vacillation, and the effect of decisiveness itself ‘makes things go’ and creates confidence.” ~Anne O’Hare McCormick

Here I’m not talking about non-action. In fact, non-action is also a decision. You may decide to not act on something because it doesn’t align with your values and purpose.

  • Be courageous

Most indecisions are caused by fear of failure and uncertainty, so it requires the courage to become more decisive. You can develop your courage by doing new things often. Learn to drive. Public speaking. Whatever you would love to do but fear. Remember, Always start small, make it happen and then expand on your success.

  • Burn the boats

Ancient Greek armies would burn their boats when they arrived at the battlefields across the sea. Retreat is no longer on their options list. They had no choice but to fight courageously, to die or to win the battle. Similarly, decisiveness requires that you make the decision, fast, and have no regret later no matter what the outcome will be. It’s wiser to do is to learn from things that didn’t go well and move on.

  • Set the deadline and gather information necessary for decision

The deadline must be tight to prevent yourself from spending too much time on your decision making. Then obtain the necessary information and just do it. Decide fast.

“It’s better to be boldly decisive and risk being wrong than to agonize at length and be right too late.” ~Marylin Moats Kennedy

  • The 4D’s and decisiveness

4 D’s stand for Do it, Delegate it, Defer it, Dump it. Adopting this approach enables you to decides real fast. It kills procrastination, delay in decision making.  Learn more about the 4 D’ s in my earlier post, Process E-mail like a GTD pro.

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